ELIMINATOR® 1.5 in³ Filter Drier

  • Danfoss Eliminator
  • The new ELIMINATOR® 1.5 in3 filter drier from Danfoss has been optimized for glass door merchandisers and other light commercial applications. It is specially designed to minimize the amount of refrigeration system charge and assists designers in meeting the strict 150g system limits when using flammable refrigerants such as R290 (propane). Filter driers keep refrigeration systems dry and clean to protect against corrosion and other contamination that may impede system performance or result in breakdown of the refrigeration unit. An effective filter drier also ensures that oil and refrigerant do not decompose thus extending system performance and life.

    The ELIMINATOR® filter drier has a solid core that yields a fast adsorption rate and, because there is no loose desiccant, does not introduce unwanted particles into the refrigerant which is commonly found when using spun copper technology. It is also designed for superior flow capacity as well as low pressure drop to minimize operation and maintenance costs. The core type DML consists of 100% molecular sieve material for highest moisture capacity while the core type DCL contains 80% molecular sieve material and 20% activated alumina for high moisture capacity and acid adsorption respectively

    The ELIMINATOR® 1.5 in3 filter drier works with all common refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as hydrocarbons and subcritical CO2 (up to 46 bar).

    The simple pull-off cap makes the new filter drier easy to mount. The black, high-quality, durable coating gives the filter drier an attractive look and feel while providing protection when exposed to harsh environments. Multiple configurations are available including connections for single or dual inlet ports. Others are available upon request.


  • What's in it for you?

    • Effective protection of compressors, condensers and other system components
    • Best-in-class performance, effective filtration and moisture absorption 
    • Compact design minimizes refrigerant system charge to assist meeting 150g limits for flammable refrigerants
    • Works with the most common types of refrigerants, such as HCFC, HFC, HC, and pressures levels up to 46 bar (667 psi)
    • Long service life
    • Available with different connections for easy installation
    • Technical support and service from Danfoss

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